Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Maui and the sun by Rochelle

long long ago there lived a boy called Maui.Maui lived with his brothers.One day the sun came.Maui and his brother's were angry.They didn't get time to finish their work.Maui had a plan so he could get the sun.Maui said to his brother's''we will get some flax bushs and turn them into ropes.''When they finished making the rope's they went to the sun's home so they can catch the sun was waking up  so they decided to hide from him.The sun came up and it saw them,they fighted with the sun.Maui told them to put the ropes on the sun.When they put the ropes on the sun Maui put a hard anchor on his head and it hurt the sun but now the sun would go slowly not fast.

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