Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Surfin in the USA

We have had the best week performing in our whole school production. We feel so proud of ourselves and all the hard work we have put in to learn and remember our dance! 
Check out how awesome we look in our costumes.......

Enchanted forest By Ivy

Once upon a time there was an enchanted forest and in the enchanted forest there live a city of fairy's. There were only 4 elves in the city. There was a King,Queen and princess. The princess is called maija,the king is called Mark and the Queen is called queen Bianca. One day Gooey went to a mad scientist Gooey went inside a machine that the mad scientist made but the mad scientist made a bad Gooey. The bad Gooey went to the enchanted forest. Once the fairies heard about it they hid for a long, long time. Then the bad Gooey came and everyone was scared But one brave animal talked to Gooey and Gooey ran away and never came back.

Magic forest by caitlyn

Once upon a time in a magical forest there lived a girl called Abby she lived in a mush room house.One day she decided to go for a walk she saw a fairy and two little elves. The elves said''would you like to come with us? ''yes'' said abby. So she went. On there way they saw a humongous tree in the way. Abby tried but she could not lift it up. suddenly a big gust of wind came up and the tree moved away and abby had a nice time with the two elves and the fairy.

the enchanted forst by emma

Once  apon   a  time   there   lived   fairies   those    fairies   were   magical.   there   also  was    mermaids     they   lived   in   the    magical   waterfall   .   The   fairies   house   was    near    vines.   the   fairies   house   was   in  a   mushroom.   when   the   fairies    go    in   the   waterfall   they    turn  into   elves.  the   mermaids  donet    mind    because   they   need   company   when  the  fairies go   on   land     they    always  do   like  because  it   is  on  land     they   like  to  but   they   say,   "It  is    too  hot".  the   mermaids  say   "I  will  save   you  guys'',  then   in   the   water  they   turn  back'  and    the    problem   is   solved.   they  all   lived   happlly  ever    afer  the   end. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

The Enchanted forest by Emily

Oncea apon  a time  there  lived  a elf  He lived  in  a  Mushroomhouse.  By  his  house is a box and    inisde the box  has a  cat, he makes a Bed for the cat.  The next day he went outside. we played catch the the ball and  the cat got it Elf said "good Job" to the cat. The cat purred and purred. Elf said "I like cats now."

The battle by Tristan

Long  long  ago  in  the   forest  a   person  was  in  the  forest.  The  bad   guy   saw   him so he   put                 on   armour  and  security.   They  began  to  fight.  "You  will  lose",  the  bad   guy  said.  they   are  both small  one  was  the  bat  family  one  was  the  haunted  family,  one has  lightning  one  has  fire.The      lightning  family  won  and  the  fire  family  went  to  there  home.              

the enchanted forset by Lusi.

Long ago in an enchanted forest there lived fairy . Her name was Alla .She lived in a mashroom house she had two friends they were twins and there names called  Lily and mily. At the top of the mashroom was a fairy school . They both go tothe same school but one day the fariy teacher hert her wings so she couldnt fly any more. so they could not lern any thing. one day something happened and the fairy docter stitched  the fairy teachers wings back to gether. Then she could fly again and teach again so Alla Lily and Mily could lern again and they lived happly ever after the end