Monday, 14 September 2015

The Enchanted Forest By Rochelle

Once apon a time in the Enchanted Forest there lived a girl called Ally. She lived in a Mushroom house. She had a friend called Sophie.One morning she came out of her house and waited for Sophie.She waited and waited for Sophie but Sophie didn't come. Now she felt really sad. She cried the whole day until it was night. She went to sleep. The next morning she searched but all she could see was a Unicorn. She wondered if the Unicorn will take her for a ride. Suddenly she found some little fairies  and some talking mice. The Unicorn gave her a ride. On the way they saw a very,very very dark cave. They walked carefully until they heard a sound. They looked on the floor and there was some candy on the floor. So they ate some candy and the candy tasted yummy. Ally said ,''yummy,yummy.'' The Unicorn kept on riding until he saw bugs on the floor. They went outside and went back home. Ally went to sleep and dreamed as she played with her friend. The next morning she saw Sophie. She felt glad to have her back. Now that Sophie's here Ally can play with her.

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